General Assembly

product design

My work at General Assembly is a good representation of the range of my strengths as a product designer. I was brought on to solve problems such as enhancing the scalability and usability of our online courses, increasing student engagement in data collection surveys, beautifying computer science graphics, and more.

The project featured below showcases a redesign for interactive code challenges in the Circuits product– an online course that uses blended learning to teach concepts like Data Analytics, Web Design, and JavaScript. The code-challenge allows the student to complete programming challenges that reinforce their learnings, as well as guide them through debugging with several tiers of error tracking, hints, and answers.


The original code-challenge tool was custom-built with the Web Design Circuit in mind, and is not scalable for developers, instructional designers, and visual designers.

  1. Content is delivered in JPGs; edits require additional production support
  2. Help section automatically gives answer; does not support independent research/learning
  3. User navigation is manual and crowded
Initial Code Challenge Interface


  1. Develop an interface that accepts plaintext for course-agnostic content
  2. Design a system of delivery for hints and answers that support independent learning
  3. Allow student to move between steps with ease
  4. Create a visual standard for colors used in various programming languages
Final Code Challenge Interface
Plaintext content entry

Error Tracking

Syntax/Inline Error
Console-based error with user-friendly language

Test Code

Because I also have experience as a web developer, I was helpful in writing the test code that checks the students answers using Chai.

Confirming the level of correctness for students